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Room by Room Calcuations

Please split the Calculation button into two buttons:

Model Calculation

Room Calculation

i.e. When I am trying luminaire alternatives for one room in a big model, it's very slow to have to recalculate the whole model every time.  I would like to just recalculate the room I am working on until I'm satisfied with the results.  Calculating just the active room would be much faster.  Thanks!

P.S.  I do turn off the calculation grids in the other rooms to speed things up but it's still a tedious process.

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I like this idea.

Another way might be an isolation button that automatically turns everything else off. Kindof like AutoCADs block editor. I'm not sure how they can program it in, but would definitely be useful.

Maybe have it ask you to select which room, and turn off anything not in the border of that room?

I too would like to see a room by room calculation. Larger projects take a long time to calculate when I am only designing one space at a time. I don't need to recalculate the entire building or floor. 3-D renderings with objects really slow things down, so a room by room calculation would help when there are more complex objects inside a space.  Then when needed I could calculate the entire design.

The current way to approach this in AGi32 (until they try something different) is to split your rooms into projects.

I have used them for years to avoid the delays you're talking about, as once you've calculated a room you can then 'Freeze' the room and it no longer appears in calculations.

It's not a perfect solution, but that's what we've got to work with.

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Lou, Thank you for this insight. I've separated into projects before but I don't know how to freeze a room.

Could you expound please?

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