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Room by Room Calcuations

Please split the Calculation button into two buttons:

Model Calculation

Room Calculation

i.e. When I am trying luminaire alternatives for one room in a big model, it's very slow to have to recalculate the whole model every time.  I would like to just recalculate the room I am working on until I'm satisfied with the results.  Calculating just the active room would be much faster.  Thanks!

P.S.  I do turn off the calculation grids in the other rooms to speed things up but it's still a tedious process.

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I like this idea.

Another way might be an isolation button that automatically turns everything else off. Kindof like AutoCADs block editor. I'm not sure how they can program it in, but would definitely be useful.

Maybe have it ask you to select which room, and turn off anything not in the border of that room?

I too would like to see a room by room calculation. Larger projects take a long time to calculate when I am only designing one space at a time. I don't need to recalculate the entire building or floor. 3-D renderings with objects really slow things down, so a room by room calculation would help when there are more complex objects inside a space.  Then when needed I could calculate the entire design.

The current way to approach this in AGi32 (until they try something different) is to split your rooms into projects.

I have used them for years to avoid the delays you're talking about, as once you've calculated a room you can then 'Freeze' the room and it no longer appears in calculations.

It's not a perfect solution, but that's what we've got to work with.

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Lou, Thank you for this insight. I've separated into projects before but I don't know how to freeze a room.

Could you expound please?

if you go into the project manager tab, the walls can be disabled in bulk to speed up calculations tenfold (depending on size of project) in a single enabled room. this happens because now AGi is not taking 3D objects and reluctance for the whole project into account, just for one (or several) rooms. when done with revisions to room, just re enable all walls. i did this for a courthouse that took 1 hour to calculate. brought down calc time to 30 seconds. Hope this helps!

Sorry, Neal, I didn't see your reply. I'll clarify below.

Martin, sorry, what you're suggesting sounds a little crazy, and for everybody, please be aware that anything other than what I'm suggesting is a good chance of reducing calculation accuracy in AGi32 (in probably insignificant terms, but still reducing accuracy).

According to AGi32, if you're doing a general interior lighting design, not concerned with daylight, emergency/egress, or renders of 'close' lighting effects such as cove lighting or uplight, you should be stopping your radiosity calculations at 95%, which means that once the amount of light still being 'bounced' around in AGi32 is less than 5% of the total amount of light you had at the start of the calculation, it will stop doing 'bounces' of light around the room(s) and then evenly distribute that last 5% of total lumens onto all the surfaces of the room(s).

This means if you have lots of rooms, and lots of luminaires, and there are rooms with different lighting levels (e.g. 30fc in some and 10fc in others), or if you have fixtures with very different light outputs (e.g. 30,000lm highbays and 1000lm downlights), it's possible that if you're calculating lots of rooms, the ones with low light could get more light than they should, and the ones with high light or high output fixtures could get less light than they should. This radiosity stopping criterion was likely instigated with the idea of doing one room/environment at a time.

Project freezing is the more accurate method. It takes a little planning, and does have some issues at times (it is AGi32, of course), but it works very well.


  1. Open the Project Manager, right click in the 'Project' area and select 'New...'
  2. Enter room names, separated by commas (e.g. Office 1, Office 2, Corridor, Lobby, Bathroom Male, Bathroom Female, ...). These room names become your 'Projects' (yes, it's a poor name for them, but it's what it is).
  3. Disable all but one of your Projects (i.e. uncheck the tickbox in the 'Enabled' column beside all but one of the room names
  4. Click 'Ok'
  5. Add your room, luminaires, whatever you want, and run your calculation
  6. Open the Project Manager, and check the tickbox in the 'Freeze' column corresponding to the Project (i.e. Room) you just worked on
  7. Check the tickbox in the 'Enabled' column on the next Project (i.e. Room) you want to work on
  8. Keep going with steps 4 to 6 until all of your rooms are calculated

Note that you must have at least one Project enabled and unfroze
n and unlocked at all times. I usually finish off by making the imported CAD drawing Project that 'free' project.

Note also that Freezing the project effectively keeps a copy of the calculated results (whilst the project remains Enabled and Frozen), but in terms of renders only items such as luminaires, rooms and objects from the the currently 'Thawed' and Enabled projects are in play. This means if you want an overall render in the end that shows rooms from more than one Project, you'll want to save a 'render' version of your file because if you unfreeze them all you'll lose your calc results.

Lastly, by default AGi32 shows all Frozen entities in the Model area in a specific colour. It is standard with a Maroon colour (I changed mine to a light blue/aqua to represent frozen 'ice'), but I found this difficult to work with as it was hard to identify light fixture types by colour in the model when looking at overall plan views, for example. If you go into System Settings, then hit the 'Defaults' tab, try unchecking the 'Frozen Entity Color' checkbox. This means that the colours of frozen entities in the Model space go back to their original versions (but calculation results from Frozen projects still show up in the results window in the Frozen Entity Color, which is a good reminder of what is frozen and what is not.

Post-lastly, note that if you have a luminaire on any Frozen project(s), you cannot change its definition in the 'Define Luminaire...' area. You must unfreeze those projects first before you change the luminaire definition, which of course means going back to re-calculate the projects. This is a pain - there are some changes you could make to the luminaire definitions that wouldn't change the calc results (e.g. change the description), but AGi32 won't let you do that. Be warned.

Lou, you are talking about a .2 - .4 fc difference, that makes my method 99.07% accurate. your method is wanting people to take extra precautions and extra time (which none of us have) to make separate projects for each room, that on its own will take longer in the long run. if you are trying to revise one room, then just have 1 room on the project. disabling all the other walls will not effect the calculations much. once walls are re enabled, you can calculate one last time to get a 100% accurate calculation. try it, on your next project and test it your self 

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