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Advise the color, material, reflectance value for particular surface (eg, pool)

Hi AGI32 experts,

I am working in a service apartment. There is a pool in the space. As the title mentioned, what should I suppose to define for color, material, reflec,. etc.

At the moment, I have set single side, plana object, color at R124G178B184, reflec 0.65, and texture liquid07.

Please give me any hint or any better advice to make the cal. result more reasonable in reality. I have screenshot the image attached.


Anderson Cheng

(343 KB)

My personal take on this is to model the walls of the pool and then add a transmissive surface above it.

By the fact that you've applied a texture, and assuming you know that the texture doesn't affect the calculation itself aside from a maximum reflectance value, I assume you're wanting a render.

If you want the render to look reasonably realistic, you need to think about pools that you've seen. They don't look like 'texture liquid07', they look like the walls and floor of the pool, but affected by veiling reflections on the top surface of the water.

In the ocean, daylight only penetrates about 10 metres, and different wavelengths of light get lost before others. This is due to the high presence of light scattering particles in the water, and is at the basis of why some waters look bluer or greener than others in different locations.

That's not as much of the case in a swimming pool. If there are no veiling reflections, or you're under the water, you can easily see objects 25 or 50 metres away. Sure, the transmission factor of the water is reducing the visibility over distance, but the clarity of the water due to filtration means you're able to see quite a distance (think of a clean glass of water - aside from the bending of the light, you don't perceive a lot of loss of image of something seen through it.

I don't have a clear idea on what the transmission factor should be, but if you were to say create the inside walls and floor of the pool as a light blue colour (assuming that's what they'll paint them), and then place a planar object across the top and give it a level of specularity (between 0.05 and 0.2 would work nicely for a render, I think), you'll get some decent results.

I'll show a couple that I've done.




Looking at those I must have put a small amount of glossiness on the pool surface also. I usually avoid that because it really ramps up the ray-trace time.

Anderson, here are my two cents...  Generally, when I've worked on pools the primary concern seems to be the FC values on the deck, and in the case of a competition setting, the values in the stands and at the surface of the water.  I have on occassion reduced the reflectance value of the imported Liquid texture for the water surface, but generally the design requirements have been for a more recreational level, so therefore, less stringent in terms of the required data.  I've included a couple of images, too.

Jack O'H



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