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How to handle a Red Acyrlic Surface

I have a red acrylic face with a light tranmission of  39% (Loss of 61%).

The red acylic face has a reflectance of 50%.


I surface editted the face to be double sided; reflectance=0.5, and the Transmittance=0.39.

Is this the correct way to handle the Red Acrylic surface?

No probs. I don’t work for them.

I would do that and try the Ray-trace. Thanks again for support. Greatly appreciated.

Yes, it may look that way on a point by point calc, possibly even the render mode view, but a good ray-trace would probably show the difference. The double-sidedobject would definitely diffuse the light passing through it and reflecting from it. However, depending on the situation the results may not vary much (for instance if there’s lots of light coming from different directions in the model)

Thank you. I tried the glass and the Daylight Transition (transparent). They just gave a little higher values.

The values were very representative.

Anyhow, the figures you’ve put in should be correct for the correct surface type, once you are sure which type you should be using for your application.
I don’t have the program open at the moment, so I can only point you in the right direction. In the Surface Edit dialog box, hit the help and check the procedures and concept tabs for detailed info. I just am not sure that Double Sided is the correct way. You may have to use either glass or Daylight Transition as a surface type, depending on whether you want a ‘clear red’ or a ‘diffusing red’ result. Some surfaces become Lambertian diffusers and others let the light pass through like glass. Your description of your situation doesn’t make it 100% obvious what your final result needs to be.
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