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Luminaire Schedule Loss Catagory

I am constantly applying a loss for a CCT other than as tested by the imported IES file. I typically apply this loss in the UDF column and add an explanation in the Description cell. However, this does require an explanation and clarification; not to mention a wide Description cell.  I would respectfully like to request that a loss factor option of CCT be included in the selection. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.

Given that there's no specific loss applicable for CCT (e.g. 3000K from 4000K, or 2700K from 5000K) since it can change from between chip models/brands/etc., I don't really see how you're making a call on what factor to use.

I'm also surprised that your supplier couldn't either a) supply you with photometry in the CCT version you require or b) supply Relative photometry rather than Absolute so that you can pro-rate the lumens.

Pardon me, but you are making inaccurate assumptions. I did not say I was making a random call on the loss factor, and I did not say I was not being provided the loss based on the actual chip from the factory. Many factories do not produce IES files on every CCT available. I simply would like a light loss factor option cell where I may enter a loss factor for CCT, just like LLD, that would automatically calculate and show as a cell in the schedule.

Sure I pardon you. Looks like neither of us said you were making a “random call” on the loss factor. I said that “I really don’t see how you’re making a call on what factor to use”, after I had stated reasons why. You brought in the word “random”. My assumption would have been that you were making a ‘best guess’ (far better than a “random call”), since you sounded like you were interested in accuracy in the first place in trying to make some sort of allowance for differences in CCT. Neither did I say you weren’t being provided the loss factors, I merely stated the reasons why I couldn’t see how you were making the call. Given that you’ve now made two posts, and you still haven’t definitively statedbthat you have the required data, I don’t want to assume you have i, nor assume you don’t, since you’ve only taken issue with what you perceived were assumptions by me. None of this matters. I don’t work for Lighting Analysts. They’re free to do whatever they want in relation to your request. Have a nice day.
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