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Instert a jpg or png

I print my lay outs direct to pdf so use tile blocks and schedules on my calculation. 

Can anyone help me out please?

I would like it use my company logo, I have it in either jpg or png format and would like to be able to have it on screen so that it prints out. I have tried back ground images but as the plans that come in to us can be anywhere in relation to the origin it becomes unwieldy to locate it in an appropriate position. 

Any advice will be gratefully received. 

This is possible through the Page Builder part of AGi32. It sounds like you’re not using it, but it’s really the best way to achieve what you’re after unless you’re using other 3rd party software for presentation.

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Thank you Lou. You are correct we aren't using Page builder. I love the page builder but the preference here is for the simplified version. 

I have all my schedules edited to use the terms we use here and title blocks made as blocks. I was hoping that I was missing a trick to add it to my blocks library. 

Thanks again. 

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