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Add Opening functionality that will allow existing entities to be selected for openings, 1 or multipld entities, and the ability to add the opening to both the top and bottom surfaces at the same time.

I envision this to work like the create room from existing polygon function and/or the remove points from within entities function with a checkbox somewhere, perhaps in a new dialog, allowing for openings to be added to both the top and bottom surfaces at the same time. The most tedious part of adding a room inside a room is adding the cutouts and being able to select entities for templated for cutouts (with openings only being added to the room floor) would also be helpful in adding cutouts under racks in warehouse scenarios, also a laborious process right now.

I understand that the selected entities may occur outside the room selected and although it would be nice for the opening to recognize when it crosses a surface and terminates at the surface's edge (without leaving a surface isthmus), even it simply didn't allow for these entities to be selected but would allow the selection of entities completely within the room (or object) it would be a huge time saver for a lot of modeling scenarios.

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