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Import - Create Projects by Layer Label

It would be exceptionally useful (especially when importing from Revit) if AGi32 had an option at import time to assign all objects on a layer to their own project.

For instance, when I'm importing a model for calculations, I often export from Revit to AutoCAD, then bring that AutoCAD model into AGi32.  What then happens is I have to spend a considerable amount of time moving all of the "I-WALL" and "A-WALL" objects to a project called "Walls", all the "A-CLNG" to Ceilings, "A-GLAZ" to Glazing, etc.  Since it appears that AGi32 is aware of the layers being brought in, I would like to believe that this is something that would be possible.  It could be an "off by default" toggle in the import dialog, so that people who wouldn't see the benefit of this wouldn't have to think about it.

The main benefit I'm seeing is largely based around model troubleshooting.  As the team at Lighting Analysts could probably attest, I've sent them more than one AGI file that is having odd issues due to the way Revit exports things, and having objects broken out by layer can speed up troubleshooting.  In addition, when I'm building a calc, I'll often want to run a quick "check to make sure things are working" version of the calc before bringing in all of the equipment (e.g. furniture) that will bog down the calc.  Having these objects already divided out would be very useful.

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