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Ability to add cutouts to sloped surfaces

It would be fantastic if Cutouts could also be arrayed and if AGi32 would allow for cutouts to extend all the way to the edge of a surface without leaving a small isthmus between the Cutout and edge of the surface but allowing for Cutouts in sloped surfaces would be a good start.

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  • Arrays of cutouts
  • Extending cutouts to surface edges
  • Cutouts in sloped surfaces

I've never thought about the cutouts in sloped surfaces, but if the option was there I'd have used it plenty of times.

The other thing that needs attention is how inaccurate and confusing the process is. Select a wall in a room and all of a sudden your view shifts to an elevation view (or to be more likely to be correct, a section view), where you're either on one side of the wall or the other and you have to try to figure out where to make your cuts, with no snaps to help you, and a bunch of lines for any vertices that are in your view.

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