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Calc points in rooms

My issue is that if I remove a wall I have to add all the points back in.  this is a real hassle when I already deleted all the points within objects and now I have to go through the process again.  Is ther a way that the cal points can stay when I edit the room?

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Yeah, you’d think so, but I’ve asked questions like this before since there are many actions you can use to modify a room where the points get deleted if they’ve been added via Automatic Placement (which is the recommended method). I always get told that the software can’t replace/keep the points essentially because the points aren’t associated with the room, but this is obviously not entirely correct, since the fact that modifying the room deletes the points. If the points disassociate from the room after Automatic Placement then they should remain when the room changes. The frustrating part is that even if there are technical issues that make it difficult, it’s not impossible. As a major beneficit to users the software could keep track of all Automatic Placement grids and retain their settings and reapply them after Room Modifications. I suppose if we keep expressing frustration about it then eventually we might get some traction on the issue.

Yes!  Please make this change!  So many times I have to go into room properties to either remove a wall or change the reflectance or even simply change the ceiling height of the room and then the calc points disappear and have to be added back in.  This has been bothering me for years and I would love if you could fix it!  Thanks!

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