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Building a computer just for AGI 32

Hi,  can the community please help on the following.

I work in computers and a friend has asked me to spec a computer for running AGI 32, currently he is using version 16.8 but expect he will upgrade in the future.  This person uses AGI for processional lighting work.

Before I spec him a computer i'm trying to determine how important CUDA and the number of CPU threads are, also how important is RAM for AGI.

This was the spec I have initialy outlined.

i7 8700 (12 threaded),  32GB RAM.  one of the higher spec Nvidia Cuda Cards.

Regarding Cuda, is there any advantage of using Quadro?   I know the Quadro cards using ECC and in theory there should be less errors in calculations.

I would be grateful if people could give me their views on the above.

Many thanks


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