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Function of Move whole project inc. cal.points, object, rooms, and lights

Is there a way to move everything at the same time?

(eg, move whole projects toward Z-orbid for 2.7 meters.)

(because now all projects are built on ground Z=0)

Trying to make revising easier, because working on multiple floors in different projects, but in the same folder.

Thank you.

Anderson Cheng



Try using the Translate Origin command from the Tools menu while in elevation view. Rather than moving the project, it simply moves the coordinate system.

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply.

Are you saying I move cal. point, objects, lights, and room separately at elevation view?

Thanks for your patience.


No. You are moving the coordinate system using "Translate Origin", not the components of the project. Try it.

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply again.

Actually, I knew "translate origin" this tool.

But it doesn't solve my question.

Maybe my question was not clear.

Because all the room, object, points, lights are already finished setting, and it's built on ground Z=0.

But actually, they all are on different floors from first to third.

I would like to have the 3D rendering image showing three floors together.

Thank you.


Hi David,

I found the way to solve the problem.

I open a new AGI file, and import three files separately at different height level.

It is working, Thank you for your reply still.


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