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About multiple floors to manage in one Project Manager

Hi AGI experts,

Recently I have a residential 3 floors project. The three RCPs are coming with three different PDFs. I have used them to import as a background image (new function on 18th version). But what about if I want to make those three projects in the same AGI file? Is there a way to make those three background images in different projects? My understanding is AGI is only allowed one background image in one file. => Is it correct?

I don't know if I explain clearly. The main thing is that I would like to work on three floors together (same file) to increase more working efficiency. If there is a way to make the origins all same starting points, that will be perfect. Please let me know how the AGI experts solving this kind of questions.

Thank you.


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Hi Anderson,

I had the same question after two years. Did you figure out how to do this? Mind spreading some light if you did?

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