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Export Page Builder Template

I would like to share a custom page builder template with co workers

How can I export the template?

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In the Page Builder mode, in the Page Builder Toolkit, under the Page Builder section, click 'Save Report' (if you haven't already, but I'm assuming that you have)

Then go to Tools>System Settings and the File System tab

Click the Program Data button and a Windows Explorer window will open. In the PageBuilderReports folder you'll find the standard reports plus yours. Give that to your co-workers and get them to put it in their PageBuiderReports folder.

They may need to restart the program to be able to access the new report, but they should use 'Open Report' (in the same location as where you did the 'Save Report' function).

Once you're all using that file, you should investigate 'Save as template' (under the File menu) so that you're automatically using that report when you start a new job from the template.


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