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Building Orientation

Is there a way to determine the building orientation inside the Licaso environment?  I have some concerns that the orientation from Revit is not translating to Licaso. 

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Hi Geoff,

My personal favorite method is to play the daily (hour by hour) animation in Licaso and watch the sun position change.  In the northern hemisphere the sun tracks along the southern half of the sky dome (from east to west throughout the day).  So that's an easy way to determine which direction the program is considering south.  The same approch works for projects in the Southern Hemisphere with the exception that the sun tracks the northern half of the sky.

It's also worth noting that ElumTools/Licaso determine the building orientation from the "True North" setting in the Daylight Parameters dialog. See below for the relevant convention.

"ElumTools True North for the site location is specified counterclockwise  (CCW) from the positive X-Axis. This is different from the Revit True  North which is specified CCW from the positive Y-axis. Therefore, a  Revit True North setting of 0 degrees is identical to an ElumTools True  North setting of 90 degrees.  ElumTools behavior is consistent with IES  LM-72-03 (R2010) "Directional Positioning of Photometric Data"."

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