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Calc & Simulate Reflectance without Geometry

I work for an MEP firm that uses 100% REVIT. We get clients that provide AutoCAD background and we'll linked them into CAD. We can create spaces via space separation lines. ElumTools still allows you to perform calculations without having the actual geometry (Ceilings, Walls, Floors). It would be very useful if ElumTools can use the boundaries of the space in REVIT to simulate Ceilings, Walls & Floors and specify the reflectances as you would with AGI32.

Hi Glenn,

That makes perfect sense to me.  We'll see what we can do.  Thanks for the additional info!

Hi Matt,

The main reason would be if the customer doesn't AGi32 (or a similiar program). Also, to maintain the same work environment. Staying inside of REVIT and not having to go through the trouble of exporting and importing files, especially if there's constant updates with the layouts and spaces. It's helps to eliminate as much steps as possible and the usage of other programs. What are your thoughts?

Hi Glenn,

Interesting idea and my apologies for the delayed reply.  This is likely something we can do.  But first, could you help us understand why this workflow would be preferable to importing a DWG into AGi32, and doing your work in AGi, as opposed to ElumTools?  Is the idea that eventually the Revit file will get fleshed out to include more than just the DWG background?  Or is there a different reason?

Many thanks for the idea!

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