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AGI shut down once I clicked Render tab

I've tried to reboot the computer but it seems not work


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To be honest, sometimes it can feel like a feature that's built into the program, but I guess they'd assure is that it's not.

Joking aside, the two issues most likely causing it from my experience are a dodgy object (including a room) or dodgy photometry. To troubleshoot it you've got to try disabling objects or rooms or luminaires until you find a setup that allows you into Render Mode without crashing.

Typically, the fact it's crashing going into Render Mode would indicate to me that it's something to do with an object/room, and you can test it just as easily by trying a Full Calculation (i.e. reflectances on) - it's probably slightly faster to do it that way, since the same sort of background initialisation needs to happen, but you don't need to graphically draw the file.

If you're going into Render Mode to check the general look of the file, a reasonable proportion of the checking can be done in Model Mode, such as orbiting and elevation views to check where calc grids and luminaire are (e.g. make sure luminaires are inside a room, or whatever).

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