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Changing line weights of wire frames

 This should be an easy question for a lot of AGI32 users out there.  I know the wire frame color can be changed when modeling rooms and objects, but can the line weight of the wire frames be increased?  There would be instances where a thicker line weight would stand out against an imported background.  My older eyes would appreciate it.

Thanks for the answers and thoughts on this question.

Hi, Flo.

In your Drawing/Schedules tool box you can set thickness, style (dashed), colour for lines.

Note that if I recall correctly it may affect other items that you don't want it to. Experimenting with it will help, as will the 'Help' menu.



Hey Lou...nice to hear from you...
What you are showing me, if I am understanding correctly, will affect lines in drawings/schedules
.  What I am requesting is to change the thickness of the wire frames when modeling rooms and objects.  Does making the change in the drawings/Schedules toolbox affect the thickness of the wire frame in Rooms/Objects?


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