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auditorium calculation in ElumTools

I have a user who requires getting photometric data from desktops of an auditorium type of room.  By default we are limited to a single plane through the entire space.  I thought that we used to be able to use the planar face option to place calculation points on horizontal surfaces and not just vertical surfaces which seems to be the current usability for this option.

We're looking for a way to add points to a select few desktops at varying heights in the room, or a way to rotate the calculation plane in section view so that it slopes down the stairs (per se) so we can get an accurate FC reading at each desktop.

Any help/tips would be beneficial, thanks!


You can use planar face points for any planar face in the model, including horizontal surfaces.  It's just a challenge to place points on a horizontal surface in plan view because of limitations in the way family placement is exposed in the Revit API.  Usually the easiest thing to do is navigate to a 3d view and place planar face points there instead.

Please give that a try and let us know whether or not it suits your needs.

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AHHHH THANKS!  I forgot about needing to be in a 3D view.

 Yep.  Additionally, "Orient to View" can be a handy tool for this kind of thing.  See the video below for an overview.

thanks for the tip!  I had the user create a camera view, but this would work too.

it appears that the ElumTools ribbon greys out in camera views, so the orient to view option would be the best.


 Yes, that was a limitation in older versions of Revit.  Revit didn't support the use of Addins in camera views and would automatically disable the buttons for all Addins.  However, they've overcome this limitation.

As of the latest update for Revit 2018, ElumTools will work in camera views without issue.

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