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Blinds/Shades Considerations

The IES LM-83-12 standard mentions modeling of interior blinds that close at a 2% direct sunlight threshold.  I was curious if and/or how Licaso handles modeling of blinds? 

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I am also curious about this! After purchasing Licaso to perform our LEED v4 calculations, it appears to be missing the Blinds/Shades operation (Section 2.2.6 of LM 83-2012).

I have considered modeling blinds in Revit, but this would result in a static blinds condition throughout the year. The standard indicates that blinds open/close should be analyzed for every hour of the year.

Has anyone used Licaso to produce all LEED v4 documentation with a successful result? Or is Licaso meant to be an early design tool for determining geometry, requiring other software to complete the full design?

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