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Magnify Luminaire Symbol by fixture type

It would nice to be able to magnify some luminaire symbols without magnifying all of the symbols.

For instance, I often want to magnify down light symbols to make them more visible but if I do it makes all my suspended linear and LED flex tape symbols look very strange.

Thank you.

I don't see why it would be more difficult than any other tool that has a drop-down arrow.  Click the drop-down arrow and select magnify all or magnify window, etc.

Using the define luminaire route is a decent workaround. Thank you.

I would assume that you won't get much traction with this - it'd probably be difficult to implement in terms of the interface and setup of it.

I'd suggest that you keep your render symbols correctly sized, but when you're in the Define Luminaire dialog box you can adjust the X and Y components to size the model symbol to whatever size you'd prefer.

If you have a typical size that you'd like to see for all downlights (e.g. 200mm diameter) you could create that as a Model Symbol and then pick that each time you have a downlight.

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