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viewports with different projects active

Arguably I have a deep ACAD background. I want to be able to create a multiple page report with viewports showing different options or different functions and calculations. 

In AutoCad you can do this by turning layers on/off in individual viewports. 

I want to be able to show the sconces (sconce project) in one viewport, downlights (downlight project) in a second viewport and cove lighting (cove project) in a third viewport but then show a composite or elevation viewport with multiple projects visible as well.

It would be nice to be able to have lights in multiple projects but not necessarily all projects appear into a single schedule as well. I might like to have a page of round form factor lights and a different page with square or linear form factor lights each with independent schedules.

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As I think about it I would like to be able to freeze/disable projects, calculate a configuration, save the calculated configuration, reset, repeat... until I have all my variations then in page builder be able to populate viewports and schedules with saved configurations. The model I'm working on today has fixture layouts for three models of a fixture line. I would love to be able to have a viewport for each layout/calculation and a matching schedule in a single report -- either on separate pages or viewports on a single page.

In Autocad I can freeze or thaw layers in model space or I can freeze or thaw them in a single viewport. What happens in model space is global and what happens in viewports can be specific to the viewport. I know that AGI32 would be different but I would like some additional flexibility.

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Note that the current ability to freeze projects is vital to retain, so whatever works for the above solution needs to not interfere with the ability to freeze projects. 

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Yes, layer functionality like AutoCAD would be very good, at least for viewports.

Especially when doing a project with multiple levels like a stairwell or a mezzanine.

Perhaps even the option to show fixtures within certain levels or zones, or to be able to 'assign' them to RCP type drawings for some fixtures, and Plan type drawings for others (e.g. to show in-ground uplights and low mounted fixtures like step lights or hospital night lights on a site plan, but ceiling mounted fixtures on the RCP).

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