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LaiDex object classification

AGi32 has a good set of room types to choose from, but in spite of this a reasonable percentage of the LaiDex objects I create are actually 'Rooms' (this is due largely to the complexity of the spaces that architects tend to create).

Could AGi32 be given the capability to accept LaiDex objects as a 'Room'? It would seem that if the system could differentiate between say wall/ceiling/floor/window on the incoming model (perhaps by material and/or colour differences applied in SketchUp) it would mean a few benefits would be delivered:

  • The LaiDex parser would probably be able to consistently orientate the surfaces 'inward'
  • The surfaces would all come in as Single Sided
  • A 'workplane' could be created in 'Automatic Placement' for calculation grids
  • Quicker reflectance factor adjustments (or other surface material editing) would be able to be achieved
  • The object would correctly appear in the 'Room' schedule

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