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Dealing with Materials, Room Separator Lines, and other linked Arch Model stuff.

It is frustrating dealing with Materials, Room Separator Lines, and other linked Arch Model stuff that affects the results of ElumTools. I have been using a procedure that helps save a little time and frustration. 

When I get the Architectural Model, I open it using "Detach from Central", Then I save it back to the same file name and location as a Central model. Then I open it as "Create New Local". Then I save the local file and "Synchronize with Central". So now I have a Central & Local file of the Arch Model. I link my Lighting model to the Central model file, but if I find an issue, I can open the Local Arch file while my Lighting Model is open. I can edit the Local Arch model, Synchronize it with the Central (linked) model, Then I reload the Linked Arch model from the Manage Links tab. The Local Arch model can stay open and I can flip over to it whenever I find an issue. The real benefit is that I don't have to close my model and open the Arch model every time I find an issue.

The only twist is that if you are not working from a server, or if you want to keep the Central & Local models in the same folder, you have to open Options in the main menu, select File locations, and delete the path in "Default Path for user files", so it saves the local in the same folder as the Central model. 

Oh...And you will have to do this every time you start the program. I don't work from a server, and I like to have the files in the same folder. So for me it is minor inconvenience... If you work from a server and/or have more than one person working on a model then set up the file path as needed for your workflow.

I'd be interested if anyone has another method...other than getting good models from our clients to start with:)

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