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Duplicate light fittings


Would be great if there was a way to automatically search and delete duplicated or overlapped light fittings. 

Invariably, lights can get copied on top of each other. In a large project it can be a tedious process to use the edit luminaire command to find duplicates. Maybe automatically highlight fittings with same/similar X Y Z co-ordinate in edit luminaire command would be be useful.


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I typically don't get duplications, but you've got to think ahead and work around some of AGi32's idiosyncrasies to avoid them - I concur that this would be a good idea, perhaps implemented as an automatic warning when you've got two or more fixtures with the same X,Y coordinates. Another similar one would be warning if there's fixtures outside room/object dimensions.

I have had this problem in the past. Lou's suggestion would be really useful!!! 

Yes!    Periodically, I run into this problem with my layouts in which I inadvertently place a copy/copies of a luminaire precisely on top of another one - I do not realize there is more than one luminaire on an x,y coordinate.  I think that sometimes when I am copying a luminaire and moving it to a new location, the command trips up and just drops it at the original coordinates.  If I am in a rush, I assume that my COPY command just tripped, and I re-do it, not realizing that I now have an extra copy.  This results in a greater number of luminaires in my fixture schedule, but I am unable to quickly or easily identify which locations have these duplicates. If I do not catch it, I also get significant foot candle errors that I may inadvertently run with. (This has put me in some hot water on a few occasions). In AutoCAD, I am able to remove duplicate drawing entities with the OVERKILL command, which can isolate and delete these entities, greatly increasing the workability of my file when I import it into AGi. Is there any command built into AGi that functions in the same manner? Would you be able to build one into the software (perhaps isolate luminaires with identical x,y,z coordinates and issue a warning when calculation begins) in order to avoid this situation? 

This has my vote.

Some of my simulations have >1000 light fittings, and when copying arrays, or creating arrays of light fittings, the occasional double up occurs.

A check could be made when adding/arraying/copying luminaires, or perhaps just before calculation that if the overall extents of a fixture symbol clashes with another fixture symbol's overall extents then a warning is displayed, with perhaps some sort of method of checking/fixing (like the resolve extents check/solve area)

Some situations might be ok with a clash of symbol extents, but at least getting a warning (which could be toggled on/off) would be prudent.

Preference is for a passive solution, to just highlight clashes, rather than pop-ups and having to manually review at calculation time.

For retail, there are many Dual/triple/Quad directional spotlight fittings, but photometrics are limited to single unit descriptions and putting a double/triple/quad fittings requires 2/3/4 fittings approximately co-located and overlapping.

Overlapping is useful, however, perfectly located on top means a conflict.

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