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Exterior landscape grade

What is the best way to recreate an exterior landscape grade?  I tried to use planer objects, but because the upper and lower parts are at different elevations it was not coming out correctly.  There must be an easier way to do this and was wondering if anyone had any insight.


I agree with Lou- I recently had to do a large sloped and curved parking lot, roughly -30 Z overall; modeling in SketchUp made it a snap.

SketchUp - Modelling things that don't easily work in AGi32 is generally better handled by Sketchup.

So far I've found (in elevation view) add object in vert-extrusion, using the drop down bar. Under "Surface Edit" you can get a better view and make some adjustments...but I haven't found a way to adjust the "Y" angle for a particular grade. This is as far as I've gotten, hoping someone can add to this. Hope this almost helped.

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