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Define Luminaire Dialog Scrambled

When defining an additional luminaire to a project that already has them defined, because AGi32 doesn't think to insert that new luminaire as per either the default or current 'sort' of the columns, and instead places it at the bottom of the list, I usually have to click on the 'Label' column header to sort by label number, and if I've already defined one in that session I have to click it twice because it alternately sorts ascending then descending.

In AGi32 v18.3 in the Define Luminaire dialog box, I've found that I get a scrambled view of the defined luminaires when I click on the 'Label' column header (see attached screen grab).

I've shut the program down and re-started it, and still get the same issue.

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I also have had this issue in the past.  I contacted AGi32 support about this, and they suggested doing a full uninstall of AGi32, then cleanly re-installing it (i.e. uninstall, reboot computer, install AGi32).  From what I was told, the issue started several versions ago (not sure exactly which version number), and doing in-place upgrades doesn't allow the bug fix to properly sort out the... sorting issue.

I actually ended up changing machines before I got a chance to implement that solution, so I don't know if it works or not, but you may want to give it a try.

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Thanks for the info, J.

Not thrilled about having to spend the time to do a clean install of the program to fix the bug, but not being thrilled about a lot of the ways AGi32 works is a bit of a way of life.

I've actually found a good way to improve the user experience with AGi32 is to lower my expectations.

The whole uninstall ... re-install is problematic because it requires having our IT service do this. I cannot do it myself so getting the timing right is a challenge. I have discovered that if I scroll to the bottom of the list and back it generally resolves. 

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