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Page Builder - Text shift (graphical bug)

This isn't a major bug or anything that disrupts workflow, but I just noticed a small glitch dealing with zoom on Page Builder.

To reproduce:

1. Place a text box at the default size with some standard text in it.  Ideally, the text box should be placed close to the edge of the margins so that the bug is more visible.

2. Zoom to Extents on the page.

3. Using the mouse scroll wheel, zoom in by 1-2 steps.

At this point, the text will appear to expand in size, overlapping the edge of the margin.  It does not print this way, but prints in the manner shown at the full sheet size.  




2 people have this problem

Yep, I've had this happen for a long time as well. If you don't zoom in then the only time you realise it's been happening is when you print the document, as the text 'spillage' is what is really happening - the top screenshot you see is just an approximation.

I believe this may be related to what desktop publishing would refer to as 'Greeking'?

 Wow, I knew this was an issue, but I didn't realize it hasn't been addressed in TWO YEARS!

Can we add this to the next update please?

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