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Snap wonders off mid project

Hi. I am having an intermittent issue with my snap command. 

I will be working on a project all being fine then my snap will start to no longer snap. It is on with all the options on but does not find anything to snap too. If I exit and restart it will return to working. 

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This also occurs with me as well, and I end up doing the same thing (a quick F3 on-off toggle) to reset it.

The F3 toggle has never worked for me as a fix to this issue - I've certainly tried.

I also have this experience. It might be command specific but I have not kept records to know for sure. For me sometimes it comes back when I change commands or zoom and sometimes F3 helps and sometimes not. 

F3 will not work for me either, :-( version 18.3 but still no fix.

Yep, this happens to me also as an intermittent issue. 

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