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Undo behaving unexpectedly in AGI 18.1

Using the undo command in AGi32 18.1 undoes multiple actions. For example, if I draw 3 objects and then click "Undo" all three objects are deleted. The expected behavior would be to just delete the most recent object created, as was the case in AGi32 17.

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Yep, it's pretty annoying. I just came across that one myself.

Even worse, I was working with the latest build in a file created in a previous build (not sure if that has anything to do with it), and I used Luminaire Swap (window) to change from one fixture type to another for two windows of luminaires.

The first fixture is an individual downlight, the second fixture is a group of two downlights forming a multi-part luminaire.

After an undo procedure I ended up with some of the fixtures retaining both the original and new types, so I could see three fixtures in clusters. This did not, however, have much rhyme nor reason - for instance for one of the 'windows' there was 8 inserted locations in a row, but the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 8th fixtures had the doubling up.


Looks like this is fixed in 18.2.

I'm no longer having this problem.

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