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Textures visible in Surface Edit window

I would like to suggest a small improvement to the surface edit dialog, specifically regarding textures.

Currently, when placing a texture onto a surface in the Surface Edit window, there is no option to display that texture after it's been placed.  For some textures, this won't matter, as the idea is to get the reflectance value and not the actual visual texture.

For textures whose scaling and tiling do matter, the workflow (as I'm seeing it now) is to place the texture, exit to render mode, turn on shaded mode and textures, review the texture's scaling/tiling, exit to model mode, enter surface edit, adjust the surface, and repeat as necessary.

If the textures were something that could be toggled on in the same fashion as they appear in shaded render mode, it would help to speed up the process. 

If I'm just missing this toggle, my apologies.  Thanks!

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I don't think you're missing this toggle, you're correct - there's no current way to view the results of your texture application that would be faster than what you've described.

Gets my vote!

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