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Setting length without angle

In creating a roadway lighting design of an intersection, I employ the "Specify Roadway Metric" tool for straight roadway segments (as per IES standards). To handle the three-dimensional aspect of the design, I cut the roadway into 100 foot sections specifying the starting and ending elevation (similar to the trapezoidal method of integration).

In placing the calculation grid, I specify the starting point and then attempt to specify the second point (length of segment) but I can't get it exactly correct. Aiming for 100 feet, I will usually get 100.125 or 99.98. It's very close but not exact - a feature most CAD programs allow. I am aware there is a method to specify length @ a particular angle, but as AGI32 does not provide an angle measuring tool, that means I'd need to constantly swap over and check my CAD software.

Furthermore, when applying the third point to the tool,  for the width of the roadway, I would have to measure the roadway angle and apply a 90 degree adjustment to get the proper width. In a large project, this could be quite tedious.

I would therefore request an "absolute length" key-in that fixes the allowed length - since it's already being calculated. I believe this would be the simplest method to increase model precision and speed of development.


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To clarify, I do see the program indicating the angle of the roadway, however the key-in length@angle appears to fail to account for the end z coordinate even when manually changed in the z field on on the tool initial set-up window. 

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