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Pendant mount fixtures always have pendants coming up from the floor.

Any time a define a fixture as a pendant mount the pendants are always coming up from the floor in render view instead of down from the ceiling. Any idea how to fix this?

Unless there's truly a bug in the program, I suspect that you've either:

  • Selected 'Pole' instead of 'Pendant', or more likely
  • Used 'Dynamic', in which case you need to put your ceiling height in the 'Attach to Z=' text box

I tend to avoid using Pole or Pendant options in renders, as they have (or had, as I've not used them in a while) some clunky aspects to them that mean that instead of enhancing the render they detract from them.

For instance, the Pendant option creates a single, thick, square-section extrusion. That's sort of ok for some fixtures such as a highbay or a circular pendant, but if you had a linear fluorescent or similar LED product where you'd be more likely to find two suspensions it just looks odd having the one. You can't choose the thickness of the suspension inside the program, and one of the worst aspects I've found in the past is that the pendant attaches to the 'Insertion Point'. That means if you've got a suspended fixture with a bottom diffuser and the 'Insertion Point' is 'Bottom', in the render the diffuser has the dark square of the bottom of the suspension in it. Worse still, I've had experiences where that actually affects the light output, as the suspension must be seen as a separate object to the luminaire symbol.

Poles have similar issues, and if you're not careful in your luminaire definition (which is probably the case for most AGi32 users) you can end up with the 'pole' affecting the results. Given that the pole is again a set size and shape, it can look pretty weird in the renders.

My personal preference is to either avoid putting in the suspensions and the poles, or if I really want them, to put them in as separate objects. It can be annoying if you need to change fixture positions later, so I usually regret showing them at all.

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Thank you. You hit it on the head with the second one. I have dynamic set to floor height (facepalm).

I also appreciate all the tips about poles and pendants.

Glad to help.

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