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Luminaire Model Toolkit 'Orient' bug

In most situations, clicking into the numeric fields in the Luminaire Model Toolkit (such as MH, Orient, Tilt, etc.) the system assumes that you're looking to overwrite the existing information and it therefore selects the entire contents of the field and you can type in a new figure.

In a recent upgrade, the behaviour of the Orient field occasionally does not work this way, and the user gets surprised by an error message coming up to tell you that you have to enter a numeric value between 0 and 360 degrees. When this happens, you find that the 'old' figure and your 'new' figure are sitting side by side in the field, separated by a space (e.g. the displayed figure could be something like "90 0")

As it doesn't happen in all instances I haven't found a set of 'steps' to reproduce the issue, however at least one of my colleagues has encountered the same issue.

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