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Opening dud files

If you're in PTB and you use the 'File>Open...' Menu Item (or the 'Open Photometric File' Icon) to open a photometric file with an issue such as nadir values not being equal, PTB will advise that there's a problem, and give you options for Automatic and/or Manual fixes, depending on the issue in the file.

If you try to open that same photometric file via Windows Explorer, either by Drag'n'Drop or by selecting the file in Explorer and telling it to open in PTB, you get a message in PTB saying that it can't open the file, but if you try the method in the first paragraph you'll probably have better luck.

What gives?

Please fix this so that at the point that PTB gives the Error Message in that second scenario it instead brings up the Error Message from the first scenario so that we can go straight to fixing the file.

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