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More view functionality

The ability to have calculation results visible in all or just one view is of benefit when a complex job needs to remove calculation points from a view and just show luminaires and labels (which might have important information such as mounting height, dimming, tilt factor, etc.).

Could you look at ways of expanding this concept? A couple of possible enhancements could be:

  • Allow labels to only show on certain views - this allows a 'layout' view where the important information on luminaire location, orient, tilt, etc. are all shown, then the label is not cluttering the view on the 'calculation results' view. Perhaps this could be set in View Manager - give the user the option of what they'd like to see in a given view, which could then apply to future items added to the View?
  • Another approach might be that when specifying items such as calc grids or luminaires we could note which view(s) we want them to appear in?
Whatever approach is used, flexibility would be handy, but perhaps not at the cost of making it overly complex? If you end up with a couple of possible approaches, perhaps if you floated the ideas to the users we could 'vote' or give feedback on the concepts before you go too far with them?

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