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Can you remove a room wall?

 I am building a complex building and would like to do it my adjoining 2 rooms together, with the adjoining wall being open.  (Sort of like when you see a double-wide mobile home being trailered down the highway - 2 halves of the same building with an open wall between).

There are two ways I've found to do this without removing the wall:

1.  Make the common walls "glass" and set transparency to 1. 

    this actually works OK, except that you see the wall in the rendering.

2.  Cut an opening in both common walls.

    - My issue with this method is that AGI won't let you cut to the edges of the wall, so there is always a small bit of the common walls.

Is there a method to just remove the walls altogether?

I'm not sure that I'm following, as you've asked to remove the walls altogether, but then you mention that you're trying options "...without removing the wall..."

Are you aware that you can remove surfaces from rooms and objects? If not, click on the Surface Edit icon in your Rooms/Objects Model Toolkit, click on the relevant Room, select the relevant surface (in this case, your wall) {TIP: use F9 or F10 to toggle through your surfaces, if there aren't too many}, then look under the Surfaces section on the left side of the dialog box and you'll see the option "Removed" which should say "No" beside it. Triple click on the word "No" and it'll change to "Yes", and then you'll find it completely gone from your model, but can be reinstated later by repeating the above steps (except Triple click the word "Yes").

{Pro Tip: Save yourself the heartache of using AGi32 to model complex rooms. Get a copy of SketchUp and benefit from a whole bunch of flexibility in object creation. You can only import the results as Objects (not Rooms), but with a brief immersion into SketchUp your models will be a lot better}

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Thanks Lou!  That's exactly what I was looking for. 


Glad to help. Cheers!

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