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Calc point association

More behaviour issues with AGi32:

I've brought this up before in various forms and been unsatisfied with the answers. I just created a room, then allowed the automatic calc point process to happen.

I then realised that there was no false ceiling in the room (which is part of a series of rooms I'm designing), and therefore my ceiling heigh was incorrect. When I edit the room to change the ceiling height I lose my calc grid and have to create it again. This of course loses any 'removed calc points' info, so I have to mask them again.

This process of deleting the calc grid screams that the grid is associated with the room. However I've asked for other changes to AGi32 in the past and been told that it's impossible, since once the grid is created it no longer associates with the room it was created from.

I propose that you can't have it both ways. Either it's connected or it isn't. Regardless, surely some processes, such as changing room surface types, reflectances, removing surfaces, changing heights, etc., should be able to have some 'intelligence' in the background processing. Let's say for instance that I've done an automatic calc grid workplane for a room, why can't that calc grid 'remember' the room it's associated with, and all the parameters chosen when it was created, and if the room has to be 'destroyed' and 'recreated' by AGi32 in the case of one of the above functions, then AGi32 helpfully 'recreates' the calc grid as well?

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