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Centering items in the display zone(s)

This doesn't exactly fit into the category of 'problem', but neither is it a 'feature request'. It's more aptly described as a program behaviour that I find odd, and would prefer it done differently.

In set-sized windows, such as the room display in Room Estimator, or the Edit Surface dialog box, the item(s) in question display centered in the display area, and zoomed to occupy a reasonable amount of the display area also.

In user-set windows (e.g. variable sized zones such as my Model space, which is affected by all sorts of factors such as my screen resolution, my Taskbar visibility & size, the width that I've sized my Model Toolkit & Statistics palettes to, the number of toolbars I've displayed, etc., or in Page-Builder's Viewports, which are all highly variable), if you perform various zoom or display functions, often the program decides to use corners as the reference point. It would be preferable (and in fact, more likely to be what the user wants) if the view was centered in the relevant display area.

For example, if I am working in Model space, and have a landscape shaped area that the model is displayed in, but then I choose Zoom Window to focus on a room in a building - if that Room presents as a portrait shaped rectangle, it will appear in the model space over on the left side of the screen. It would be preferable if that zoomed rectangle was centered right in the middle of my Model Space (why would I want it over on the left?). This applies to virtually any Zoom Window command (or similar) where the resulting extents that the user is interested in does not match the proportions of the display area (which, let's face it, would have to be the majority of the time).

When you're looking into this (assuming you will), it probably needs a thorough look at all the times this occurs - as mentioned, it affects Page Builder Viewports and Model Space. There are probably others I'm not thinking of at the moment.

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