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Cone Lux Diagram

I note that there's no forum section for PTB32, so sorry I've added it to the AGi32 forum section (moved LAI). Perhaps an oversight, or perhaps it's seen as more of a utility than a separate product. Maybe a section for all the utilities such as Keyword Editor and Instabase Creator might be of interest to some people.

Anyhow, a couple of feature requests for PTB32, please:

  • A cone-lux diagram, perhaps with the ability to select not just beam angle of 50% max but other percentages
  • Export out into a vector format (e.g. vector .eps or Illustrator .ai files)
  • Ability to automatically 'clean' photometry (e.g. many symmetrical downlight files I've seen in recent years are not centred at Photometric Zero, but have a peak at a nearby angle (e.g. 2.5° elevation, 22.5° azimuth), which makes them appear asymmetric, and could be better presented into AGi32 if they were fixed and then reduced down to a single Azimuth 0° file). Perhaps if PTB32 could find the peak, adjust it to Photometric Zero and average out the values around the azimuths at each elevation, then show a comparison to the user against the original file for the user to 'approve'?

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We could really use this and it seems like a handy feature that should be part of the Indoor/Outdoor report.

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Unfortunately PTB32 never gets much love, at least compared with AGi32 or ElumTools

How about ANY way of generating this data. PTB32 seems like as good a place for this sort of data generation. Our customers often request this and a quick tool for generating it would be much appreciated.

No, it's the right place for it. PTB32 is the logical location for a Cone Lux diagram from Lighting Analysts.

Unfortunately my company needs this sort of stuff too, and we've had to go to other software to get it.

Thanks Lou, I created the new PTB section and moved your post.


Interesting. I note that the 'bullet points' I used in the post are not visible now. I wonder if the formatting isn't working as it should. Here's a test:

  • This is a bullet point
  • This is another bullet point.
  • and this is another

This is a new paragraph, no longer bullet points.

My mistake, look ok now?

A work of art!

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