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Shared Licensing

A colleague and I are now unable to work on AGi32 since we both use shared licensing and our ISP is experiencing some sort of issue where we have no internet connection. It's an hour so far, and no idea when it will be rectified. Why can't Lighting Analysts allow the more common practice of a work and home PC installation providing they're not concurrently used? I note also that the adherence to IITC type of thinking would still be a thorn in our side even if we could use the program.
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I got this message again today (see below), as we had about 3 hours with no internet.

Please re-consider the approach to shared licensing. A user should be able to work on the software at work and on a home PC, providing they're not concurrently doing so. This is the common model of licensing for most professional software (e.g. this is commonly the way that licensing is done for AutoDesk products, Adobe products, Apple products).


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