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Improve usability of Surface Edit processes

An issue that has been around for a long time has become more noticeable with the advent of LaiDex imports.

Assuming that you have to go into the Surface Edit dialog to edit colours, materials, textures, reflectances, gloss/specular/luminance, etc. on an object, the selection process for surfaces is extremely tedious.

For example, bring in a model of a car, and you're going to need to ensure that the glass behaves as you want it to, that the paint has a bit of specularity, that the mirrors reflect things, etc.

Given that the vast majority of reasons to have these imported models is to improve a rendered image, control of how AGi32's light engine interacts iwth the model is paramount.

Yet, if we take the car example, the tutorial recommends a 6000 polygon model as probably being a decent balance of visuals versus performance. If I want to find the chrome part of a model to make the necessary changes, I'm stuck with holding down the F9 or F10 key for ages until a relevant polygon is selected.

There's possibly a number of solutions, but an obvious one would be to be able to make selections using the mouse in the display window of the dialog.

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I have wished since the introduction of AGI32 and surface editing that it was possible to open up the surface editor and rotate the model as needed and just Click on the surface I needed to edit. And include the ability to hold down the Shift or CTRL key to Point and Click multiple surface if you need to. It would save a lot of time if this feature was available,

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