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Initial impressions and suggestions

  1.  In visual display settings, for view of maxima, minima and annual data, could daylight animation be disabled and the daylight set to a default glow? It is confusing to see the daylight tracking while the false color does not change. 
  2. Could an option be added for "banded" color zones in addition to the smooth gradient. Both presentation styles have benefits that are useful in different presentations.
  3. Can the animations be exported as gif files for sharing. 
  4. In one model, my surfaces are being plagued by jaggies see attachment
  5. Is there a way to change the dates for the animations?
  6. Is there a way to add additional dates for the animations to minimize the anomalies in the Perez Sky data?
  7. Are Licaso calculation planes opaque, translucent or "clear"? Planes that are not on surfaces appear create shadows on other calc planes.
  8. How does the calculation plane affect interreflections?  
  9. Will an option be added to include electric lighting in the annual simulation if desired? Calc separate and merge in with a defined time schedule?
  10. Is there a way to generate/capture Licaso values at different elevations in a a multistory space (e.g., an atrium) for easier comparison to  AGI reports.

 I was able (was shown) how to view different horizontal planes. So scratch the last comment 20170301_1034

(1)  Try using the spatial map view instead of the rendering view.  If you need the geometry for reference, try switching the rendering Display Options -- Display Mode to Wireframe Hidden (or Shaded).  Showing a "default glow" (ambient light) is arguably more confusing (and incorrect) in the case of Licaso.

(2)  We are working on isolines for both ElumTools and Licaso.  We are also working to allow you to specify custom color palettes as well.  Color bands are not on the roadmap at this point simply because the technical hurdle will slow us down.

(3)  There is currently no way to export many images at once.  However, it's quite easy to save single images for each sample you desire and use another program to create a video or GIF.

(4)  No attachment attached.

(5)  The date/time you set is the reference point for the daily and yearly animations.

(6)  There is currently no way to do this.  See the answer to (3) for a workaround.

(7)  Calculation planes do not occlude light between surfaces (or the sun/sky/etc) but do occlude one another.  See another answer for more details.

(8)  Not at all.  See answer to (7).

(9)  The demand for electric lighting integration remains to be seen.

(10)  Using spatial maps simply deselect the calc points you don't want to see from the Calc Points View Settings.  In a rendering view, you can use the Clip tool to clip a top view down to the desired level.

Thanks for trying out Licaso!
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