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Please make a building core facility in rooms objects, opening.

Please make a building core facility in rooms objects, opening. : Lighting Analysts Inc

Many of our designs are calculated for buildings with a large floor plates surrounding a central core. The core will contain:  lifts risers, stairs, lobbies and WC facilities. These also may need calculating at a later date and often have different ceiling heights.

The walls to the core need to be included on the open area calculations. To accommodate this and to leave object free space inside the core I will draw a thin object around the inner walls of the core the cut openings to the floor and to the ceiling. This is time consuming and not completely accurate as the object can not join itself.

My request is for a Core button to be added alongside the opening control button in Room/Object. I would like to be able to draw the core in a plan view and for AGI to cut the shape to floor and ceiling and add in the walls at the same time.

Example calculation in pseudo render image attached. Thank you. 

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Thanks for the interesting idea, although, truthfully, it's probably not at the top of the AGi32 Hierarchy of Needs :). You can just place an object floor to ceiling and remove the top and bottom of the object (below). Optional are the holes cut in the room floor and ceiling unless you really need to see through it.As you mention though, it is a multi-step process. 


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