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Vertical Calculation Planes

Will a vertical plane located at the mid point of a space (not along a wall) with points facing one direction block light coming from the opposite direction that the points are receiving from?

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Calculation planes do not block light transfer between surfaces (or the sun/sky/ground).  However, calculation planes do occlude each other.

This is an unfortunate technical limitation that makes it impossible to get accurate calculation results in these cases:

  • Multiple horizontal calculation planes in the same space (i.e. workplane, floor).
  • Multiple vertical calculation planes in the same space.
  • Intersecting calculation planes (e.g. horiztonal and vertical in the same space).

  • If evaluating the workplane, only create calculation planes on the workplane which do not intersect one another.
  • Make all the calculation planes coincident with surfaces. ¬†When this is true any occlusion between the calculation planes is irrelevant because the surfaces would occlude the light anyway.

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