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Lumens per Area Summary Option

Implement a lumens per area statistical summary to report ordinance compliance.  

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Sounds a bit bizarre as a metric, unless I'm missing something.

If it's in terms of lumens on the workplane, it's redundant. Lux = Lumens per Unit Area (lm/m²), therefore if you're asked for an average of 160lx over an area and you achieve it, then surely that tells the story? If the area gets bigger or smaller, and you still target and achieve 160lx, then the lumens per area ratio is maintained.

If it's in terms of fixture output lumens, then Co-efficient of Utilisation information is a good indicator of efficiency.

If it's in terms of chip lumen output, fixture efficacy is probably a better benchmark.

Again, maybe I'm missing something, but given that the industry has been responding for years in terms of describing efficacy and efficiency, it sounds like some governing body trying to re-invent a wheel.

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