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Automatically populate clipboard with calculation results

I'm running a lot of variations/calculations at the moment, using excel to summarize and compare my designs.

It would be very handy if there was a setting to allow to the clipboard to be populated with the calculation results after every calculation. 

Or at least a single button / icon I could click on.

Nice idea. Currently you can use the Print Text command and select a detailed Calculation Summary and get a TXT file with point values. Not as cool, but perhaps useful.

Hi David,

Thanks for the response.  I'll admit in using AGI since 1999 use I've never used that print text command - I'll try and see if it has any use for me... 

But in terms of getting something into the clipboard for me to paste into excel, it looks like that certainly won't be any quicker than the 4 clicks process currently required (Drawing -> New Schedule -> Select preset calculation results schedule -> Copy to clipboard)

My suggestion would be "an option is added so that basic results are copied to the clipboard to occur automatically upon completion of a calculation."

Or an option to output all project schedules to an Excel File would be helpful. 

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I have form emails copied into my clipboard most of the day. I would absolutely lose my tree if an application had the gall to automatically replace my clipboard contents. A button, however, sounds like an awesome idea.

Secret AGi32 Function - If you add the following registry key (contact Customer Care if you need assistance):

AGi32 will automatically dump the numerical summary to a .txt file in the same folder as the job file after calculating. Example:

I hope this helps!

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