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New interface soon?


Can you spot where to click?

With larger screens, and higher resolutions (i.e. 4K) it is no longer appropriate that 90% of the tools (i.e. 74 of the 82 luminaire pane) are activated by carefully positioning the mouse on a 9×23 pixel pull down menu.

Currently I have a 24″ monitor, with full HD resolution (1920×1080) – most CAD type setups are significantly higher than this.

That’s .0099826 of a percentage point of the total screen real estate


This includes the most common tools (copy move delete), yet there are tools that get over 11 times the screen real estate that I’ve never used.

There must be a way to improve productivity.

The ability to group tools into ribbons like CAD/Revit and Office toolbars would make the software more familiar.

Also customising your own tools (like Office / CAD) to suit your own workflow would make using this software a lot easier for all of your users.

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Holy hand-grenade of Antioch!!

For the love of Pete, don't add in a Ribbon interface!!! If we're going to get some cosmetic surgery on the user interface, please do something that makes it easier, not just regurgitate bad ideas.

The ribbon interface takes up way too much screen real-estate, and virtually ensures that the user ends up having to click more times than they used to, especially if the location of the icon/command is on a Tab that the user isn't expecting (intuitive issues) so they have to keep clicking Tabs and scanning the Ribbon trying to find what they're looking for.

Want to make things easier? Introduce selection of items in the Model window without having to first invoke a command, and then allow right-clicking for a context-sensitive menu. Imagine being able to select a room with a single click or click-drag 'window' selection, then with a right-click be able to edit surfaces, dynamically edit, add calc-points, add/delete openings, etc. Same thing for a luminaire or a calc point. Any Room/Object/Luminaire/Calc/DrawingEntity could be selected and interacted with in a minimal-fuss way.

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My preference would be to create a custom toolbar with those tools I use most often so I am not flipping between toolkit menus. My favorite room tools, object tools, drawing tools, calculation tools and luminaire tools all in a tidy little toolbar that I can dock/undock and position where I please.


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I agree the user interface needs a facelift. I agree with Jayna Williams in regards to including the ability to create our own custom toolbar with a most used tool set. And have it dock/undock where I choose. That being said, it would be nice if all of the dock/undock screens were movable outside of the main program. Just like you can do with AutoCAD. I have a triple monitor setup (Two 19" Widescreens, and One 55" Widescreen) When working in AutoCAD I have the main screen on the 55" and all my toolbars relocated to one or both of the smaller screens depending on what I am using. It gives me a large work area.

Also, it would be a huge time saver if it were possible to create our own custom shortcut commands to the commands we use the most. Just like you can do in AutoCAD.

I would be happy with improved and more extensive keyboard shortcut commands....

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And perhaps if Lighting Analysts came into the 20th century (yes, I meant 20th) and aligned with keyboard shortcut conventions that match most of the known software world (copy, paste, save as, file open, file close, etc.).

Photometric Toolbox hardly has any keyboard shortcuts at all (File Open, File Close, File Save, File Save As - none of these exist). It's archaic.

Hi, everyone.

Just chiming in to keep the conversation alive and hopefully get some results next version over.

I personally prefer the ribbon idea (once one gets past the learning curve they can be quite helpful), but anything with updated graphics (for one, larger buttons) and that would also allow users to customize the tools would be fantastic.

#20thCentury :)

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