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Remove Selected Calculation Points

Is there a way in AGi32 to remove calculation points quickly within a drawing entity?  What I mean by this is the feature “Specify Calculation Points within a Polygon” gives the option to select from an existing drawing entity.  However, when selecting the feature “Remove Selected Calculation Points” this option does not appear to be there.  It would be very useful to being able to remove calculation points in polygon areas within the polygon where the calculation points were created.

An example would be, when I create two circles (one circle bigger than the other, the smaller circle being centered within the outer circle) and I created a polygon from existing drawing entity (outer circle) to lay down my horizontal calc grid, the entire area including the inner circle now has a calculation grid.

Is there a way to remove calculation points within the inner circle by selecting this drawing entity?

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This can be done easily using an object (or room) but not with a simple drawing entity. We control the integrity of objects created in AGi32, but with drawing entities that might have been imported, we don't have control over starting and ending points or if it might be contiguous. There is an easy trick though, you can simply disable the object after using it to remove the points. Check out this 2 minute video.

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