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Ceiling grid creation after room is created

Any consideration of being able to specify a lay-in ceiling grid after a room has been created? 

And…how about being able to adjust the grid once it has been created for those goofy non-rectilinear rooms the architects like to create?

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You can specify a ceiling grid after the fact by using the edit room command and within that selecting a grid you want.

Room created without grid:


Use the Edit Room command and specify a grid:


And you'll end up with a room with a grid:


The grid can only be created for a rectangular shaped rooms. If you need a grid for oddly shaped rooms you need to create your own drawing lines to show the grid.

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An ability to edit / shift the offset of the grid would be really helpful too - sometimes you need to show the architects the optimal starting point for the grid to avoid half-length fittings / improve uniformity.

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Agreed! I will lobby for this in our upcoming v18 development meeting.

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Yes please! Sometimes you need to match an existing grid.


Half the time the room is not square and the grid is not square to the room. Grids are useless to me personally unless I can rotate it's orientation compared to the room.

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Adding a grid into non rectanular rooms would be awesome too!

Hi ! is it possible now to move the grid ? Adding grid into non rectangular room ? Rotate grid ?

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